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Specialist Coatings

Fire Protection

We carry out the application of Fire Protection Coatings, like intumescent paint. We complete internal audit checks to produce a certificate of completion for our clients. For Steel, we apply high performance anti corrosive primers and intumescent base coats for both internal and external use to steelwork structures both on and off site.

We apply base coats to required thickness for 30, 60, 90 and 120 minutes certified fire protection. This is done by brush and spray application. We can also apply a decorative top seal to the colour choice of our client.

Shot Blasting

Shot Blasting is the process whereby, a hard abrasive material is forced through a jet nozzle using compressed air pressure. This creates a fast and effective way of cleaning or preparing a surface for re-coating using all different types of materials.

Airless spraying

Airless spraying is the most cost efficient way of applying a coating compared with other techniques such as using rollers and brushes and is also a great deal quicker to apply. Spray painting offers the maximum transfer of paint in the shortest space of time and perhaps most importantly in a consistently uniform manner. This allows paint to be applied at specified thicknesses, and create a far more aesthetically pleasing finish.

Shop front spraying

Now there is no need to spend large portions of your budget on a new shop front, when our shop front spraying services give you a low-cost solution for your refurbishment. By repairing and re-spraying the current shop front we can save you money that would normally go to having large parts of it re-done.

Our coating and spraying service is professionally done to match your branding, and we can match and fit any colour you need. Spraying can be done out of hours to minimise disruption making it convenient for most high street retailers and stores.